Billing & Payment Options

Sometimes it seems there just aren’t enough hours in a day. It’s for that reason that Essex Powerlines offers several bill payment options for your convenience. Consider it our way of helping you conserve your own energy.

Please select a Bill Payment method from the following options:

Pre-authorized Payment Plan:

Have your bank account automatically debited and you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again. Complete our Automatic Payment Plan Authorization Form and mail to our office complete with a voided cheque. It’s quick and easy!


Most banks now offer telephone banking (telebanking) services. Simply pre-register your Essex Powerlines bill with the telebanking system (done right over the phone), and you’ll be able to make your monthly payments over the phone from home, the mall, the beach!

Internet Banking:

Many larger financial institutions also offer internet banking through their web site. It works very much like telebanking (see above) – you can pay bills, check balances, transfer funds, hear a list of recent transactions… almost everything you can do at the bank, but from your computer desktop!


For all you traditionalists! Simply fill out a personal cheque from your financial institution and mail it to our offices (see mailing address above). Please make sure to send the bottom portion of your bill with your payment.

Equal Payment Plan:

Qualifying customers can be billed through our Equal Payment Plan. The plan predicts your bill and allows you to pay a set amount each month. There is no charge for the plan and you can withdraw at any time. Just give us a call.

Bank Payment:

Bring your bill to your financial institution and you can have the payment withdrawn from your account and sent directly to us by a bank teller – they’re familiar with the process!

Money Order:

Money orders can be purchased at most financial institutions in Canada. Simply mail your money order to Essex Powerlines on or before the payment due date (see mailing address above). Please make sure to send the bottom portion of your bill with your payment.


Use Interac at your financial institution or using your bank card, the payment will automatically debited from the account of your choice.

Credit Card:

We accept credit card payments by telephone and online. Click here for more information.

Payment Conditions:

  • Hydro, water, sewer and applicable taxes are billed following the period in which they accrued and thus are payable on the due date specified.
  • Payments must reach our office or be postmarked on or prior to the due date to avoid a late payment charge of 1.5% per month.
  • Failure to receive bill does not entitle customer to net payment.
  • Payments received after the due date may be too late to be reflected on the next billing.
  • Services may be discontinued on accounts unpaid after the due date if applicable payment arrangements have not been made.
  • Pay attention to payment and disconnection dates on Final Notices.
  • Essex Powerlines is not responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience that may result.

Please Note:

  • Always ensure that your remittance stub (the bottom part of your bill) is included with your payment. If paying at an Automated Banking Machine (ABM), make sure you allow seven (7) days processing time. It is your responsibility to allow sufficient time for the payment to reach us by the due date.