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Update on momentary outages affecting customers in Amherstburg


December 6, 2013

Essex Powerlines Corporation Update on momentary outages affecting customers in Amherstburg

Essex Powerlines and Hydro One are continuing to work together to determine the cause of the momentary outages that affected customers in the Town of Amherstburg. Since Essex Powerlines moved the Monopoly subdivision and Crown Ridge customers from the 24M7 feeder to the 23M3 feeder on November 14th, we have had no recorded customer momentary outage power problems from that area. A small number of Essex Powerlines customers do remain on the 24M7 feeder though and we would request those customers continue to report momentary outages to our office. We require the date and times for these outages if they are still occurring.

The fault current created by this problem is difficult to find because it is intermittent, not sustained, and small enough that most of our detection equipment cannot detect it. Intermittent faults are very time consuming to determine and locate. We have, however, concluded that this fault is outside of Essex Powerlines distribution system so we are working with Hydro One to detect and resolve the problem. The transfer of the Monopoly and Crown Ridge customers from the M7 to the M3 feeder will remain in place until further notice.

The public meeting that was originally planned for December will be delayed until the New Year as Essex Powerlines and Hydro One continue to collect data and come up with a permanent plan to resolve this issue.

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