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Public Notice To Customers In Amherstburg


November 15, 2013

Recently there has been an increase in the number of outages affecting Essex Powerlines Corporation (“EPL) customers in Amherstburg, Ontario. Most of these interruptions are momentary not sustained outages, but none the less, we understand that these are very frustrating and inconvenient for our customers. First and foremost and in order to immediately address the above-noted outage issues, on the morning of November 14, 2013, the power load was transferred from a suspected problem Hydro One feeder to an alternate Hydro One feeder. In this particular case, the customers moved to the alternate feeder will have some immediate relief. The bulk of the customers affected are within the “Monopoly” subdivision south of Richmond and the Crown Ridge subdivision. Unfortunately, all of the customers cannot be transferred due to the power line configuration but the majority of the customers in these areas should experience improvement in reliability immediately.

EPL’s due diligence investigation to date has determined that a number of issues outside of our service territory could have likely caused and/or significantly contributed to the present momentary outage issue to our customers in Amherstburg. We are requesting Hydro One immediately put a firm action plan in place to address these ongoing issues on a more permanent basis. In order to assist Hydro One in addressing any ongoing issues EPL has also an implemented a technology plan which will be used to help identify, qualify and quantify the source and/or location of the problem. With this technology, EPL will continue to monitor the source of the interruption and promptly report any corrective actions which are required in order to resolve the same. As well, a public “town hall” meeting will be held at a yet to be determined location in Amherstburg at which EPL representatives will attend to explain plans and answer questions from the public. A Hydro One representative will also be invited to attend.


EPL thanks its customers for their patience as it works to solve these power interruptions. Should any individual, in particular those EPL customers directly impacted by the subject matter outages wish further particulars they are asked to contact: Essex Powerlines Corporation – Customer Service Department (519) 737-6640


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