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ESA Directs LDCs to Remove and Stop using Sensus 3.2 Remote Disconnect Meters

Essex Powerlines uses Elster meters only and does not have any of the Sensus meters that are the subject of the recall. Therefore Essex Powerlines is not subject to the Electrical Safety Authority’s direction to remove them.  There has been no issues with said Elster meters.

January 22

ESA Directs LDCs to Remove and Stop using Sensus 3.2 Remote Disconnect Meters

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has issued a bulletin (please click here) notifying all LDCs in Ontario to replace and discontinue use of the iConATM Generation 3.2, remote disconnect meters manufactured by Sensus. This morning the ESA held a technical briefing for all LDCs regarding this bulletin.

ESA conducted a due diligence safety review under the Electricity Act and Regulation 22/04 and found that this particular meter was susceptible to a type of failure through arcing between components of the meter due to water/moisture and other contaminants getting inside the meter.  According to the ESA, there are 5,400
of these types of meters installed in Ontario.

Please note that the ESA has required all LDCS to remove these meters from service as soon as possible and by no later than March 31, 2015.

ESA is requesting all LDCs to acknowledge receipt of their bulletin by emailing as soon as possible and latest by noon January 23, 2015. Please include the following in the subject line: Acknowledgement of Receipt of ESA Distributor Bulletin DB-03/15.

ESA is requiring that these meters are not to be replaced with meters of the same hardware design.  Sensus 3.2 meters without the remote disconnect feature have a different hardware design and do not need to be removed.

It is important to note that no reports of serious safety incidents with this meter in Ontario have been received by the ESA, the probability of a serious event has been determined to be low.

If you have any questions the ESA has requested that all questions be directed to ESA at . For questions on this bulletin please be prepared to quote Bulletin “DB-03/15”.

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