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On March 27th, Essex Powerlines and Collus PowerStream accepted the Innovation Excellence Award for the joint “Digital Grid 2.0” project. The award was presented at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, coinciding with the Electricity Distributors Association’s annual general meeting.

Technology is advancing rapidly and it is important that Utilities in Ontario be ready to adapt to change. The convergence of energy delivery, the internet, storage, generation and new emerging technologies like electric vehicles has become a reality for the energy industry and the distribution system. Essex Powerlines and Collus PowerStream have successfully implemented the “Digital Grid 2.0” while using different systems through the same universal platform, SmartMap. This has allowed the individual utilities to unify information within the organization to create standardized decision making capability.

“This innovative technology allows us to reduce the number of outages as they can now be addressed proactively and allows us to clearly identify the issues on our system,” said Joe Barile, General Manager of Essex Powerlines. “The collaborative efforts and success of Essex Powerlines and Collus PowerStream on innovation demonstrates that we are ready to adapt through forward thinking initiatives.”

Leveraging the latest in utility software, the two companies fused different operating systems through the same universal platform, resulting in improved reliability and service. With built-in capabilities to support the adoption and integration of new technologies, this forward-thinking project is preparing LDCs and their customers for the evolution of the seamless integration between the “Internet of Things and Energy.” Our local grids are transforming into what can better be described as the “Energy Internet.” This award recognizes Local Distribution Companies that have introduced unique business models focused on new or better ways of creating value while having a meaningful impact on customer satisfaction.

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