Process & Systems: Documents

Preliminary Engineering Study

PES Proposal Checklist.pdf

PES Application

Detailed Engineering Study

DES Proposal Checklist.pdf
DES Application

DES Guidelines and Interpretation Guide

DES Guide.pdf

Process & Systems Process Timeline

Process & Systems Process Timeline.pdf

Process & Systems Baseline Methodology Guidelines

Process & Systems Baseline Methodology Guidelines.pdf

Contract Documents

Preliminary Engineering Study Funding Contract
Detailed Engineering Study Funding Contract
Small Capital Project Agreement
Small Capital Project Application
Project Incentive Contract
Schedule B – Commercial Terms
Schedule C – Request for Payment
Schedule D – Letter of Credit
Schedule F – Status Report
Schedule G – Form of Energy Management Plan
Schedule H – Solvency Certificate
Energy Assessment Report
M&T Agreement
Embedded Energy Manager Agreement
Energy Manager Duties
Energy Manager EM&V Information
Energy Manager Form of Quarterly Report
Project or Small Capital Project