Smart Meters

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is an electricity meter that is designed to allow your local electricity distributor to track how much electricity you use, and more importantly, what time of day you use it. It looks very similar to your existing meter except there are no dials and the numbers are digital. In using smart meters, individuals will be encouraged to reduce electricity consumption at times when the price is high.

What does a Smart Meter do?

Here are some smart things your smart meter can do for you:

  • Measure how much energy you use and when you use it, providing you with the opportunity to take action to reduce your energy bill by:
    • Lowering your electricity use during peak (higher cost) periods.
    • Shifting your electricity use to off-peak (lower cost) periods.
  • Automatically send out your meter readings via wireless and other technologies, meaning you no longer have to foot read your monthly bill.
  • Automatically inform Essex Powerlines when your power is out, allowing us to respond faster to power outages.

How does a Smart Meter work?

A smart meter records how much electricity you use, as well as when you use it, and then communicates this information wirelessly to your local distribution company.

You will not automatically move to time-of-use rates once your smart meter has been installed. We will notify you by means of a billing insert before time of use rates come into effect.

Time of Use Rates

With Time Of Use (TOU) pricing, electricity prices will vary based on when electricity is used, taking into consideration time of day, time of week (weekday/weekend), and season; TOU pricing is meant to encourage Ontarians to shift their electricity use to non-peak hours.

Smart Meters at Essex Powerlines

Essex Powerlines has commenced the process of installing smart meters for homes in our service territory. We are currently installing smart meters for homes that meet the following criteria:

  • Your meter is due for reverification
  • Your meter is either damaged or defective
  • All new houses are equipped with smart meters
  • A Smart Meter is being installed as part of EPL's Smart meter conversion project

Our meter technician will knock on your door to inform you that they will be changing your meter. You do not have to be home - if there is no answer, they will just go ahead with the upgrade. We will only contact you to schedule an appointment if your meter is located indoors or is inaccessible for any other reason.

Your power will need to be turned off for about five minutes; therefore, you may have to reset any electronic appliances - we apologize for this inconvenience.

Shift Your Electricity Use

Shift your electricity use and see the difference it can make to your bill, visit 10 Smart Meter Lane

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