Stand-by Generators

Safety Notice #99-02

Keeping You, your Family and your Neighbourhood Safe

The application of Portable Generators to supply power, in total or in part, to any facility must meet the equipment and connection requirements specified in the Ontario Electrical Safety code and must be inspected to ensure proper connection and operating safety.

If you are running a Portable Generator connected to your home wiring system that has not been inspected you…

  1. are operating an illegal and potentially unsafe piece of electric equipment and wiring
  2. may find yourself liable for any injury or death that occurs as a result of a generator that has been improperly or illegally installed or connected
  3. may be endangering members of your family, your neighbours, and Utility workers
  4. should disconnect the Generator and temporary wiring
  5. should request an Electrical Inspection
  6. must ensure that your generator hook up method and materials include a transfer device – this is a key to ensuring your electrical safety


An incorrectly wired installation may result in life threatening shock or fire hazards for either building occupants, electrical utility personnel, and/or others.


To keep yourself and your property safe, and to minimize potential liabilities ensure you arrange for an Electrical Inspection of any portable generator connection to your home wiring.

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code outlines specific requirements for connecting and operating Portable Generators in the Province to eliminate electrical fire and shock hazards.

A licensed Electrical Contractor can assist you in ensuring the safe connection of a Portable Generator for your use, and will make arrangements for any inspection.

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