Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services

Essex Powerlines is pleased to offer FREE tree trimming services for trees located near overhead power lines. These services are offered to improve the reliability of your electricity supply and to improve public safety. We do tree trimming on a regular basis (every 2, 3, or 5 years). To request a tree trimming please use our online tree trimming request form below.

If there is a tree on or near your property that requires trimming, simply enter the data in the fields below, and click “submit”.

Tree Planting Guide

Stop Caution Caution Go
No Tree Zone! Small Tree Zone Medium Tree Zone Large Tree Zone
No trees, evergreen or shrubs within 25′ of power lines Plant trees less than 25′ in height / spread at least 25′ from overhead power lines Plant trees 25′-40′ in height / spread at least 40′ from overhead power lines Plant trees larger than 40′ in height / spread at least 60′ from overhead power lines

Additional Trimming / Storm Damage

If you feel additional trimming is required or there is storm damage to trees near overhead power lines, please contact us.