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PowerShare, an innovative project that will harness the energy of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) like solar panels and battery storage, to supply or reduce electricity use on demand. In the first phase, participants will include new and existing DER owners in the Agriculture & Manufacturing industry within Leamington, Ontario.

PowerShare is supported by the Independent Electricity System Operator Grid Innovation Fund and the Ontario Energy Board Innovation Sandbox. It is made possible with the support of partners NODES, Essex Energy and Utilismart Corporation.

As the first project of its kind in North America, PowerShare is changing the paradigm for what a utility can look like, with the potential to provide endless benefits to all concerned parties in the process. Put differently, Essex Powerlines is undergoing a ground-breaking transformation from an LDC into a Distribution System Operator (DSO). A DSO model may be able to increase Ontario’s power supply, bring customers back online faster after outages, contribute to electrification and net-zero emissions goals, increase customer choice, and reduce the costs associated with additional infrastructure buildouts, thus saving ratepayers money on their hydro bills.