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Track your usage

Essex Powerlines offers our online customer portal, MyAccount, which allows you to track your usage in near real-time! 

With the Energy Consumption Inquiry tool, our customers can see their meter readings over the past 24 months with a convenient temperature overlay to show how the weather has affected your consumption. 

Customers can also track how much energy they use and during what time-of-use period. Understanding when you use electricity most can help you manage your consumption patterns and help save costs!

Looking to compare your month-to-month usage? MyAccount allows you to compare your usage to your last bill, as well as compare your usage to the same period last year. This information can be very useful, especially if you’ve implemented energy savings programs during these time periods. 

MyAccount is an easy to use, convenient way of tracking your usage and your bills on-the-go! To find out what else it has to offer login or sign-up today!