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The Scorecard is part of the Ontario Energy Board’s Renewed Regulatory Framework. It provides our customers with information about performance outcomes that Essex Powerlines measures: Customer Focus, Operational Effectiveness, Public Policy Responsiveness, and Financial Performance.

Scorecards are important because they provide information that tell how utilities are improving over time. In addition to tracking performance, they help support cost-effective planning and operation of the electricity distribution network overall, encourage operational efficiency and to continually seek ways to improve performance and deliver value to our customers, and align the needs of a sustainable, financially viable electricity sector with the expectations of customers, who want reliable service at a reasonable price. 

The scorecard provides performance outcomes for the most recent five years of available data. For more information on the measures and process, visit Ontario Energy Board’s Performance Measure Definitions.

Previous Years

Check out the Scorecards below to see how Essex Powerlines has performed in the past:

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