High Performance New Construction
Are you planning new construction or a major renovation?
Financial incentives and technical expertise from Essex Powerlines can help you offset the cost of integrating energy efficiency.

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Audit Funding
We pay up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit. Develop a prioritized action plan to reduce energy and costs.

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Retrofit Program
We provide substantial financial incentives to encourage the replacement of existing equipment with energy efficient equipment and new control systems that will provide cash flow savings and improve the efficiency of your operational procedures and processes.

Install energy efficient equipment and receive up to 50% of your project costs.

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Process & Systems Upgrade
The Process & Systems Upgrade program provides an industrial or institutional organization with the funding, tools, and resources to help your organization identify, implement, and validate energy efficiency projects from start to finish.

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Small Business Lighting
Do your store lights flicker? Are your product displays poorly lit? Do you spend too much on replacing burnt out light bulbs? Are you looking for ideas to help manage your operating costs? The new Small Business Lighting program offers businesses in Ontario a simple solution for energy efficient lighting.

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Energy Saving Tips

Be sure to keep your light fixtures clean and free of dust. Even a small amount of dust affects the brightness of the light.