Financial Assistance

Keep The Heat

"Keep The Heat" is an energy assistance program administered between the Unemployed Help Centre and Housing Information Services. The program is delivered by a host of community-based agencies serving residents of the Windsor and Essex County, and functions within a framework that is efficient and accountable to the community it supports and those who fund it.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance is a comprehensive, year-round emergency financial assistance program developed by the Ontario Energy Board to assist low-income energy customers better manage their bill payments and energy costs. The program was based on the “Winter Warmth” program and is intended to supplement existing government initiatives, such as the Emergency Energy Fund. Emergency financial assistance is funded through the distribution rates of distributors.

The delivery of LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance relies heavily on cooperation between utilities and social service agencies.  It is expected that as agencies screen and assess applicants in need, that they may refer customers not only for Emergency Financial Assistance, but also for customer service measures and/or conservation programs. In some communities, the program may be delivered by one social service agency, while in others, it may be a network of social service agencies.

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