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Essex Powerlines Donates $4,150 to Fight Like Mason Foundation

Tecumseh, ON: With the help of their customers, Essex Powerlines (EPL) will be donating $4,150 to the Fight Like Mason Foundation through its recent paperless billing campaign, Power Up for Paperless. The campaign provided customers the opportunity to save paper and donate $10 to the “Fight Like Mason Foundation” simply by signing up for paperless billing.
For every customer that signed up for paperless billing, Essex Powerlines donated $10 to the Fight Like Mason Foundation. The campaign ran from July 23rd to September 6th and had exceptional support from the community. The significant amount of customer participation generated $4,150 for the foundation, showing local support for such a powerful cause.
“We would like to thank our customers for participating in the “Power Up for Paperless” campaign. The unprecedented support our customers have for local organizations, such as the “Fight Like Mason Foundation” is truly inspiring. Together, we were able to make a difference and contribute $4150 towards ‘defeating the villain for good’.” Joe Barile, General Manager, Essex Powerlines Corporation.
“We want to continue Mason’s legacy. And through this charity, we can see his impact on the community around us. For us to be able to do this, we feel honoured to do this for Mason. So, thank you very much for being a part of that legacy.” Iain Macri, Fight Like Mason Foundation.