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Energy Calculators

In working hard to be a ‘best in class’ electricity service provider, we have developed some of the tools for our customers. Find even more ways to save with our easy to use Energy Calculators.

Second Price Tag

How much will it cost to operate your new appliance? Use this calculator to get a good idea of the bottom-line cost of operating specific models of new appliances for the length of time you can expect them to remain in service.

EnerGuide Rating
(kWh per year x electricity cost = \$ per year)

*Provincial electricity rates include all taxes.

Absolute Minimum Cost

You’ll do well to consider the final figure as an absolute minimum cost. The energy efficiency of an appliance tends to drop over time: gaskets become worn or loose, refrigerants dissipate slowly into the atmosphere and cooling coils gather dust, reducing their efficiency.

Remember, it is the second price tag that you’ll pay every month for the next decade or two.

Need Help?

  1. Enter the kWh per year rating of your new appliance choice.
  2. Multiply your kWh rating by the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity in your area. Check your electricity bill for the rate or select your home province to use an average kWh electricity cost.
  3. Select the type of appliance.