ESA Directs LDCs to Remove and Stop using Sensus 3.2 Remote Disconnect Meters
Friday, 23 January 2015 07:58

Essex Powerlines uses Elster meters only and does not have any of the Sensus meters that are the subject of the recall. Therefore Essex Powerlines is not subject to the Electrical Safety Authority’s direction to remove them.  There has been no issues with said Elster meters.

January 22

ESA Directs LDCs to Remove and Stop using Sensus 3.2 Remote Disconnect Meters

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has issued a bulletin (please click here) notifying all LDCs in Ontario to replace and discontinue use of the iConATM Generation 3.2, remote disconnect meters manufactured by Sensus. This morning the ESA held a technical briefing for all LDCs regarding this bulletin.

ESA conducted a due diligence safety review under the Electricity Act and Regulation 22/04 and found that this particular meter was susceptible to a type of failure through arcing between components of the meter due to water/moisture and other contaminants getting inside the meter.  According to the ESA, there are 5,400 of these types of meters installed in Ontario.

Please note that the ESA has required all LDCS to remove these meters from service as soon as possible and by no later than March 31, 2015.

ESA is requesting all LDCs to acknowledge receipt of their bulletin by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible and latest by noon January 23, 2015. Please include the following in the subject line: Acknowledgement of Receipt of ESA Distributor Bulletin DB-03/15.

ESA is requiring that these meters are not to be replaced with meters of the same hardware design.  Sensus 3.2 meters without the remote disconnect feature have a different hardware design and do not need to be removed.

It is important to note that no reports of serious safety incidents with this meter in Ontario have been received by the ESA, the probability of a serious event has been determined to be low.

If you have any questions the ESA has requested that all questions be directed to ESA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For questions on this bulletin please be prepared to quote Bulletin “DB-03/15”.

Phone Scam
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 14:57

Hydro companies in Ontario are getting reports of scammers claiming to be from the company's collection and billing department. The caller asks a few questions and states the customer's account must be paid immediately. The customer is provided payment options such as prepaid debit, PayPal, or wire transfer that must be completed in a very short time period or power will be cut off.

Customers are being advised to contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre immediately if you receive a suspicious call at 1-888-495-8501.

Customers with questions about their accounts can call Essex Powerlines at 519-737-6640.

State of New Jersey Declares December 5, 2014 as Canadian Utility Workers Appreciation Day
Friday, 05 December 2014 14:57


December 5th, 2014

State of New Jersey Declares December 5, 2014 as Canadian Utility Workers Appreciation Day

Toronto,  ON:      Today  Chris  Christie,  the  Governor  of  the  State  of  New  Jersey

declared  December  5,  2014  as  Canadian  Utility  Workers  Appreciation  Day  in recognition  of  all  the  Canadian  utilities  that  provided  emergency  assistance  in  the aftermath of Super storm Sandy which occurred in October, 2012.  

Essex Powerlines Corporation together with other utilities and organizations across Ontario was proud to participate by sending two (2) power line employees to assist the  citizens  of  the  State  of  New  Jersey  in restoring  their  electrical  power  in  the aftermath of this natural disaster and to have these efforts recognized today by the Governor of New Jersey, Mr. Christie.

Essex power line employees, Ron Prudence and Doug Wales worked 12-16 hour days over the course of two (2) weeks assisting in the restoration of electrical power.

Essex  Powerlines  recognizes  that  our collective  efforts  assisted  in  a  time  of  need and only furthers the special bond with our American neighbours. 

For More Information Please Contact:

Joe Barile
General Manager
Essex Powerlines Corporation
(226) 252-6258 or (519) 990-2794

Click here to download PDF copy of the press release.

Click on the proclamation below to download a PDF copy.

EPL has applied to change electricity distribution rates
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

Essex Powerlines Corporation has applied to

change its electricity distribution rates.

Learn more. Have your say.

Essex Powerlines Corporation has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to decrease the amount it charges by approximately $0.04 each month for the typical residential customer beginning on January 1, 2015 and to increase the amount it charges by approximately $0.28 each month for the typical residential customer beginning on May 1, 2015. Other customers, including businesses, may be affected as well.

The requested rate decrease starting January 1, 2015 is due to a temporary credit related to smart meter cost recovery. The requested rate increase starting May 1,2015 is tied to inflation and other factors intended to promote efficiency. Essex Powerlines Corporation has also applied to recover the costs of the installation of smart meters. The Ontario Energy Board will hear both the rate case and the smart meter cost recovery case as part of one proceeding.


The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will hold one consolidated hearing to consider both of Essex Powerlines’ requests. We will determine whether Essex Powerlines has used the applicable models and formulas as required by the OEB for the rate change. At the end of these hearing, the OEB will decide on the appropriate rate changes and on whether to allow the recovery of costs associated with the installation of smart meters in Essex Powerline’s service area. The OEB is an independent and impartial public agency. We make decisions that serve the public interest. Our goal is to promote a  financially viable and efficient energy sector that provides you with reliable energy services at a reasonable cost.


You have the right to information regarding this application and to be involved in the process. You can:
• review Essex Powerlines’ application on the OEB’s website now;
• file a letter with your comments, which will be considered during the hearings;
• become an active participant (called an intervenor). Apply no later than November 10th, 2014 after the publication or service date of this notice or the hearing will go ahead without you and you will not receive any further notice of the proceeding;
• at the end of the process, review the OEB’s decision and its reasons on our website.

The OEB does not intend to award costs in the proceeding for the inflation-based adjustment to Essex Powerlines’ distribution rates as Essex Powerlines has only made proposals of a mechanistic nature within OEB’s guidelines.

The OEB will consider cost awards that are in accordance with the Practice Direction on Cost Awards in the proceeding to review Essex Powerlines’ smart meter costs.


These proposed charges relate to Essex Powerlines’ distribution services.  They make up part of the Delivery line -- one of the five line items on your bill. Our file number for this case is EB-2014-0072. Our file number for the review of Essex Powerlines’ costs related to the installation of smart meters is EB-2014-0301.  To learn more about these hearings, find instructions on how to file letters or become an intervenor, or to access any document related to these cases please select the appropriate application from the list at the OEB website: You can also phone our Consumer Relations Centre at 1-877-632-2727 with any questions.


There are two types of OEB hearings - oral and written. Essex Powerlines has applied for a written hearing. The OEB is considering this request. If you think an oral hearing is needed, you can write to the OEB to explain why.


If you write a letter of comment, your name and the content of your letter or the documents you file with the OEB will be put on the public record and the OEB website. However, your personal telephone number, home address and email address will be removed. If you are a business, all your information will remain public. If you apply to become an intervenor, all information will be public.

This hearing will be held under section 78 and 21(5) of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998 c.15 (Schedule B).



Public Information Session
Monday, 27 October 2014 08:09

We invite all of our electricity customers to attend our Public Information Session to learn background information on the electricity distributor industry and our 2016 electricity rate application including our capital expenditure plan.

Tuesday November 25, 2014 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

St. Nicholas Macedonian Orthodox Church
5225 Howard.Ave. LaSalle, ON.


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