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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 11:33

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OEB scorecard
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 18:00

Essex Powerlines Corporation Performance Scorecard

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The Ontario Energy Board’s (“the Board”) Renewed Regulatory Framework is a comprehensive performance-based approach to regulation that promotes the achievement of four performance outcomes to the benefit of existing and future customers: customer focus, operational effectiveness, public policy responsiveness, and financial performance. The Performance Scorecard was developed to measure these four outcomes of Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) across the province.  Essex Powerlines is one of these Local Distribution Companies.

The framework aims to align customer and distributor interests, continues to support the achievement of important public policy objectives, and places a greater focus on delivering long term value for money.

Distributors are expected to achieve continuous improvements that reduce costs and deliver service levels that their customers value. For customers, the Board’s performance-based approach aims to encourage distributors to operate effectively, continually seek ways in which to improve their productivity and performance and, importantly, better engage with their customers to better understand and respond to their needs, and demonstrate the value that they deliver.

To facilitate performance monitoring and eventually distributor bench marking, the Board will use a scorecard approach to effectively translate the four outcomes into a coherent set of performance measures. This approach effectively organizes performance information in a manner that facilitates evaluations and meaningful comparisons.

The scorecard is set up to show the five most recent years of performance.  The scorecard is designed to track and show an individual distributor’s performance gains over a period of time and at a point in time. The Board has set policies on the measures that will be used to assess a distributor’s effectiveness and improvement in achieving the four performance outcomes. These measures are summarized below:

First Contact Resolution and Public Safety are currently being reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board to establish the appropriate measures. Essex Powerlines has engaged Innovative Research Group to conduct a customer satisfaction survey to meet this requirement.  The survey will be conducted during September/October. Distribution System Plan Progress will be reported in a subsequent period.

Essex Powerlines remains committed to continuous improvement through ongoing efforts to improve services and/or processes that are valued by our customers. The Scorecard is a valuable tool for customers to monitor our progress and to provide feedback.  Scorecard results will be posted annually.  Additional information regarding the regulations and requirements by distributors can be found on the Ontario Energy Board’s website including the scorecards from other LDC’s in the province.

Customers can also direct their inquiries regarding the Scorecard to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call our customer service department at 519-737-6640.

Bogus Collection Calls
Friday, 19 September 2014 11:22

Consumer Alert: Bogus Collection Calls

This is a consumer alert warning customers about “threatening phone calls” to pay their hydro bills. Some electricity customers have been receiving aggressive phone calls demanding that they pay their electricity bills via electronic wire transfer or a credit card. Customers are then told if they don’t make a payment their hydro will be disconnected. Customers are asked to call a 1-800 number that connects to a fake billing department. Payment acquisition for overdue accounts is not conducted in this way. Customers are asked to never provide any personal information to unknown people over the phone. If you believe you’re a victim of fraud, you’re encouraged to contact Windsor police.

Customer Satisfaction Telephone Survey
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 08:38

Innovative Research Group, on behalf of Essex Powerlines, will be conducting a customer satisfaction telephone survey. This survey will take place October 6th to the 13th to randomly selected electricity customers in our service territory and will assist in improving your service. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Friday, 08 August 2014 14:28


The Saskatchewan provincial government recently ordered Sask Power to replace approximately 105,000 recently installed Smart Meters due to fire concerns (there were 8 reported fires from these Smart Meters). These were Sensus brand smart meters. We do not utilize the Sensus brand meter in our system. We use Elster smart meters. We are not aware of any similar fire issues with Elster smart meters.


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