Complete Rate Order
Effective  Date May 1, 2019
Rate Order (pdf)

As of May 1, 2002 the Ontario electricity market has been open to competition. This means that you can choose to lock in at a fixed price with an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) licensed retailer, or remain on standard supply service from Essex Powerlines and receive energy at market prices, or at a fixed rate set by legislation (referred to as Regulated Price Plan) if you qualify as a low volume or designated customer.

Your new bill is fully unbundled and includes several line items. The “Standard Supply Service Commodity” shown as “Your Electricity Charges” on your bill, is the only item subject to competition and may be purchased from any Ontario Energy Board (OEB) licensed retailer. If you have already signed with a retailer, this line will say the retailer name with the name and telephone number of the retailer shown above. You do not have to sign with a retailer if you do not want to. If you don’t switch, Essex Powerlines will continue to supply you with power at market prices, or at a fixed rate set by legislation if you qualify as a low volume or designated customer.

The only charges collected by Essex Powerlines Corporation included under delivery are fixed monthly charge and the variable distribution charge. The remainder of the charges are approved rates from the OEB that are collected and remitted to various agencies such as the IESO, Hydro One, the Debt Retirement Program, a Retailer or the Federal Government (HST). The Ontario Energy Board has approved rates effective May 1st, 2019 for Essex Powerlines customers.


Monthly Service Charge  $      25.66 /month
Smart Meter Entity Charge  $      0.5700 /month
Volumetric charge (RPP)  $      0.0042 /kWh
Volumetric charge (non-RPP)  $      0.0042 /kWh
Network Service  $      0.0065 /kWh
Line and Transformation Connection Service  $      0.0043 /kWh

Loss Factors
Total Loss Factor (Secondary) 1.0355
Total Loss Factor (Primary) 1.0251

Usage Including Losses:

After October 1, 2018 your consumption will be uplifted by a rate of 1.0355 to account for system losses that occur in the delivery of electricity to your home. For example if you had used 1,000 kWh in a month, this amount would be multiplied by the factor of 1.0355 for a total of 1,035.5 kWh of consumption that would form the basis for some of the charges. These losses used to be included in the bundled cost of power. This “Total Loss Factor” is an Ontario Energy Board approved rate. Essex Powerlines pays for losses that occur up to the point electricity comes into our system.

Smart Meter Entity (SME) Charge:

The charge of $0.57 per month covers the costs of the IESO (the designated SME) to collect, manage and store data of customers electricity use.

Wholesale Market Services:

This rate represents all costs associated with maintaining the administration of the ISO wholesale market activities. The rate for this charge is $0.0039/kWh. This charge used to be included in the cost of power.

Transmission Line and Transformation Connection Service:

This rate represents the cost to operate and maintain the high voltage system to deliver power to Essex Powerlines. The cost of power used to include these charges.

Transmission Network Service:

This rate represents the cost to ensure there is sufficient capacity in the high voltage system to supply the increasing demands of a growing economy in Ontario. This used to be included in the cost of power.

SSS Administration Fee:

This $0.25 cent charge to all Standard Supply Service customers represents the cost for Essex Powerlines to participate in the electricity commodity market on your behalf. Customers that have signed with a retailer do not receive this charge because it is included in their fixed price contract.

BILL 100 – GLOBAL ADUSTMENT (Provincial Benefit) January 1, 2005

Electricity prices will be regulated for designated Ontario Power Generation (OPG) baseload generators. The impact of these set prices will be factored into a new ‘Global Adjustment’ (GA).

Effective July 1, 2005, the Global Adjustment amount will be calculated each month by taking into account the amount of each type of regulated or contracted generation injected into the IMO-controlled grid, the regulated price or contract costs for that generation, and any offsetting market revenues. As of July 2005 the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will begin calculating the GA for each day, to be posted 10 business days after the trade day.

The Global Adjustment will apply to customers, that are not designated and are not on a Fixed Price Plan, and who have signed with a Retailer for a fixed price contract.

Provincial Benefit as referred to in the OEB glossary of terms is “The price of generation in Ontario is set by a competitive market. Certain generators receive payments through regulation or contract that differ from the market price. Your portion of the net adjustment arising from these different payments is included on your bill”.